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Suggestions on How to Clean Charm Jewelry

Bear in mind that different types of jewelry have different methods of cleaning, thus you have to be careful with your moves otherwise you end up damaging them.

If you have fashionable or customized ornaments containing gems and other precious stones, avoid using jewelry cleaning solutions or compounds on them because it will remove the adhesives, paints and artificial

gems on them, thereby damaging them.

Items which are 12 to 18 karat need minimal maintenance. To remove dust, oil and compounds deposited on them through constant use, you can clean them using water and mild cleaning substances. To avoid

scratching them, use only jeweler’s towel found in jewelry stores. Soak them about five minutes in the water with cleaning soap and dry them off using the towel. Never use bleaching solution on them because it would

damage them.

If you have silver jewelry which loses its luster, use only cleaning solutions suggested by your jewelers, otherwise you end up damaging them.

If you noticed tarnish on your silver items, let professional jewelers clean them for you because they know what to do on them and the have special compounds to clean them.

If you buy cleaning solutions for silver ornaments and you opt to clean them yourself, be sure to examine and follow the guidelines and steps on the packaging.

Never put pressure when cleaning bracelets, necklaces and other links because it can damage or can break the hyperlinks.

If you are unsure on how to them, it is best to let professional jewelers do the cleaning for you.

By following the suggestions and tips mentioned above, you can clean your jewelry properly.

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