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Choosing Body Jewelry

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Do not rush to a shop for purchasing body jewelry if you are not aware of its various aspects. In the absence of the right knowledge, you may end up buying a wrong ornament and you many harm your body as well. You should be very clear in mind about your choice of body jewelry. Make sure that you are aware of the specific names given to the different jewelry that is attached to the different parts of the body.

For instance, barbells can be worn on navel, ear, eyebrow and tongue. This jewelry can be purchased in circular, curved and straight. Or, you have the choice of buying banana bells that are also made for belly button. If you are looking for some body jewelry for your ears, then buy some captive rings, for your nose; you should be looking for nose screw, ring or a simple stud. For lips, you should ask for labret. Pincers, hanging designs and weights and spirals are other such jewelries that you can find out in a shop.

Correct size of the body jewelry is crucial. Since every part of your body can be pierced and there are different piercing jewelries for it, accurate size matters most. You cannot fit a navel ring on your eyebrow. Take a set of calipers to measure the jewelry to see if it will fit on the body part or not. The measurement is essential, as the shop is not going to take back the jewelry after you have worn it. If you are buying captive balls then its screws should be checked for tight screwing. You should not forget to check any such jewelry for dents and scratches.