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Understanding Costume Jewelry

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

What is it meant by costume jewelry? In a simple explanation, it can be defined as the jewelry which is made of less precious or valuable materials. Some of the material examples are such as metals, plastic, glass and even the synthetic stone. However, it will offer the great glitters which can replace the expensive gold or the other gems and precious metals. The costume jewelry is also popular as fashion jewelry.

It is inexpensive and flashy. People wear it mostly for stage costume and also other fashion purposes. So, it is occasional. Crystal has been the popular material too. Those jewelries are sometimes accompanied by ivory and will be the good piece for men. The less expensive jewelry involves plastic and acrylic as well.
The Types

The costume jewelry is divided into several types. Most of them are handcrafted. The types are such as rings, chains, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and also earrings. However, necklace is the most popular type and it is sometimes crafted and accompanied by some types of gems such as Amber, Amethyst and Aquamarine. Besides, the Freshwater Pearl, Garnet and Opal are the possible alternatives.

The Care and Maintenance Tips

When it comes to talk about the perfect shine of costume jewelry, you need to know the best way to maintain it perfectly. The simple care can keep the glitter of the jewelry itself. After using costume jewelry, you need to wipe it by using soft cloth. Please remember that your body sweat dulls the metal and less its shine gradually if you do not clean it regularly.

Further, the costume jewelry or fashion jewelry should be kept separately from your clothes. You can put it in the pouches, velvet boxes or some possible places. It is also not recommended to dip it into the strong solutions, since it could alter or fade the stone color and even displacing the epoxies. If you apply hair spray and perfumes, make sure to do it before you wear your jewelry.

The periodic maintenance is something important too. You can re-polish it in silver or gold. In this case, re-polishing the dull gems will make it brighter than before. There are some benefits of buying this type of jewelry, thus you should complete the benefits by doing the regular or periodic maintenance. Anyway, the inexpensive price becomes one of the most popular benefits.

The jewelry above is available in various types as well, thus people can choose one of them to fulfill their needs of good fashion piece. Surprisingly, some pieces of costume jewelry are designed in such a way to bring almost the same look as expensive and luxurious brands. So, people call such pieces as “the affordable luxury”.